Maker Spotlight – Lauren’s Brush Bots

Maker Spotlight: 

lauren and bot

Name:  Lauren –  “Chief Robot Maker”


How she got involved:  Lauren was introduced to the Maker community at Telus Spark when she visited the Scoperta robotics demonstration. She soon joined Protospace, and hasn’t stopped making new things ever since!

What she Does: Lauren is already an avid Maker in Calgary’s  Maker Community. At an  age of 9 years old, she is often seen at Protospace- where she has been seen working away on such projects as Solar Panel Flowers that she designed on the laser cutter, 3-D printed Personalized gifts for her sister, and  of course, her Brushbots that she showcased last year at Mini Makerfaire.

Sign- brushbot

How to- brushbot

Brushbot Instructions

Lauren was such an inspiration at the 2013 Mini Makerfaire!  She had found a design online for brushbots and put together kits to get others started learning electronics.

Coming up:  Look for her at Telus Spark on June 22nd- teaching how to build her brushbots with a switch to turn it on and off. (Or – if her idea works, maybe they will be solar powered!)

For this year at Makerfaire, she will be teaching the next level of robotics- the drawbot. ” It’s a similar concept to the brushbot, but with markers and a cup”  Lauren came up with this design herself, with a little inspiration on YouTube.





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